A good bedtime choice


I haven’t been sleeping well for a quite a while, thanks to my wicked back pain, heartburn, and crazy bad dreams. Last night turned out to be a different and refreshing change of pace.

I did some things out of my normal bedtime routine, but nothing I’d consider to be sleep inducing. I snuggled up on our guest bed, and turned on Netflix. I sipped on sparkling lemon water and whiskey, while nibbling on popcorn and a bowl of brown rice topped with brown sugar carrots and cheese. I watched “Little Evil,” which was a cute and funny movie about a Damien type kid and his new stepdad. Then I watched “Heathers,” which I hadn’t seen in years. Good call, as I had forgotten what a delightfully twisted and cool movie it was. Right after that, I was so relaxed that I passed right the hell out. To my surprise, I even had pleasant and interesting dreams.  I didn’t wake up to any discomforts until I heard my husband doing his usual banging around at 9 am this morning.

So, I just might be on to something helpful. I’m guessing it could’ve been the healthy dose of veggies before bed, but I’ll have to experiment a little bit more to find out for sure.



Fall is here


Mom and I had one of those not so pleasant conversations this morning. It went from bad to worse when the topic of emergency preparedness came up. Specifically, what I would do in case of a natural disaster, such as a tsunami or the like. Well, if I looked out my window and saw a wall of water headed towards me, the plan would be to kiss my ass goodbye. What else could I do if I was home alone, with no transportation and my husband 10 miles away? I’ve considered possible options, but none of them would be very promising. Trying to explain this to mom only resulted in her yelling at me, crying, and hanging up.  That’s what she does when she worries, and there’s no stopping her. Her idea of roping myself to a tree in case of a hurricane was amusing, though. I guess I’ll have to remember that one.

Talking to my mother left me in a rather bleak mood, so it sounded comforting to go some place where I could eat a burger, drink a Long Island, listen to some music, and watch the storms roll in.  So we went up to Surfrider, one of our usual haunts where the food and views never fail to disappoint. The sky was black, rain was pouring down, the swells out on the ocean were huge. More thunder and lightning seemed imminent.  It was a beautiful Oregon Coast day, without a doubt.

Mother nature is singing a powerful song lately. She’s telling us that fall is officially here, and it’s time to prepare for the long, wet winter ahead. I’m looking forward to spending cozy days by the fireplace, and watching the show of wild weather and rough sea from the backyard cliffs. Lots of hot clam chowder and other comfort food will also be in order.

I am hoping that the passing of the 2017 winter season will be no more complicated than that.wp-image-79072584


We have one of those old fashioned mobile home doors with an attached window that slides down. I often stand by it, watching the wide variety of cool birds at my neighbor’s feeder, listening to the whales, or just taking a breath of fresh ocean air.

A few days ago, I was standing at the door window, doing nothing in particular except zoning out. My mind drifted to thoughts of Dad, and I started feeling a little lost. That’s when I heard the quiet but clear “thunk!” on the window. 

I looked up, and there sat a grasshopper in all his glory. They are a rare sight around here, and this one in particular struck me as something special. The little guy just happened to show up when I was having a sad moment, and turned it into a happy one. 

You see, grasshoppers are a fond memory from my childhood. When I was a kid, Dad and I used to take long walks together and often explored the empty lot next door. I was fascinated with bugs, and loved catching grasshoppers. I liked the way they felt as they thumped around in my cupped hands, spitting their sticky tobacco. I often took them home as pets, and kept them in a small cricket cage, feeding them dry oatmeal and water on cotton balls. The fun part was transporting them back to my apartment – I put them in Dad’s glass case, to the tune of much protesting and dismay from Dad. I think he had quite the time cleaning out the case afterward, and would just look at me halfway laughing as he shook his head. I can still hear his voice saying, “Geez, Lisa.” “Good grief!”  

So the little dude on the window hung around while I recalled the tales of dad and the grasshoppers. I smiled, as I felt a weight lifted. As if to say, “my job is done here,” he sprung off as quickly as he arrived. 

It’s funny to think of my dad’s spirit coming to me in the form of a grasshopper. But doing funny things was his style, after all. And stranger things have happened. 

I like to think that he did indeed have a part in making my day much brighter. 
Love you, Dad. ❤

Fire in the sky 

I don’t recall ever seeing a fire season quite this bad. 

The Eagle Creek fire in the Columbia Gorge has spread at a disconcerting rate, causing extensive destruction to a big chunk of Oregon and Washington. Multnomah Falls is burning. Smoke is thick in the Portland area, and ash is raining down, the likes of which has not been seen since Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1980. My mother’s apartment is getting dusted with debris, and she is wondering if she should leave the area. 

We can see traces of it on the coast as well. The sky has an odd, hazy glow, and the thick, stagnant air feels so wrong. The sun has morphed into a strange red ball, burning through a blanket of grey. It doesn’t seem of this world, but more like an alien sunset on a distant planet. Something about it sent a chill down my spine. 

The destruction from these fires is truly heartbreaking. I certainly hope that our state gets the rain it so desperately needs right now. It can’t come quick enough.

I would like to think such devastation would make people wake up. Bloody hell, STOP lighting fires when everything is so damn dry. But sadly, the world will keep on burning, as stupidity will always be an epidemic for which there is no cure. 😞

Kicking off my birthday weekend

Despite having extra pain in my old bones and a hot day in Beaverton, the start of my 46th birthday celebration went pretty well. 

Our time with mom was fun and actually productive, as we were able to get some things she needed. I loved the card she gave me. It had a cute rooster on the front, but she thought it wasn’t good enough for some reason. Her note on the inside is what made me smile the most.After we dropped mom at home, we went to Starbucks to meet with Tad. Couldn’t wait, it had been a few years since we had seen him last.  

As we anticipated Tad’s arrival, I turned to see our good buddy Zach sitting beside me. Being very happily surprised, I screamed like a dork, and nearly crushed him with a big hug.  Then Tad snuck up on us from behind, with a hearty random greeting of “not on my watch!” It was cool to see him, and he had thoughtfully brought me a birthday gift – a beautiful Oregon coast t shirt with whales. I couldn’t have asked for better. 

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to hang out long, as Bob was tired and we had a 2 1/2 hour drive home. After talking to Tad for a few minutes and getting some good hugs, we headed out.

I hope we can find some time to hang with Tad in the near future. A little longer next time, perhaps over coffee or dinner. Maybe one of these days he could bus it to Depoe Bay, and enjoy hanging with us among some awesome scenery. Tad is good company, which always makes my day a little brighter. 

All in all, my birthday is off to a pretty good start.  So yay for that. 😁